Before making a delivery, the machine is tested in all its elaboration faces, involving the customer during this event. This allows a more rapid and safe production start-up in house. very well organized training programs with the customer provides a crucial knowledge to be acquainted with the machine. Sometimes, a simple phone call is often sufficient to solve any trouble or inconvenience during production, but now a days thanks to the technology and electronics, we are able to apply a remote assistance reaching a solution a lot faster.

The quality is essential, because our machines are done under a very precise elaboration. A total quality at all levels, starting from the design, components selection, software development and implementation, up to involve customers in the processes in order to solidify a firm relationships and trust. A quality that is certified not only by official bodies (IQnet and SQS) but also by a constant test on the arena.

Thanks to its solid experience and expertise in the production rotary dies and complete lines, RCA Bignami is able to offer a qualified maintenance service, sharpening & grinding, repair and complete control of rotary dies and modules, its own production and third parties.