RCA Bignami Srl was founded in 1994. is quite young company, but with a solid pillars, enormous desire and energy to continually look forward. Significant years of intense activities, experience and continuous innovation, position the company among the leading corporation in the industry. His history represent a remarkable growth path: playing an important role not only in the rotary dies, and cutting modules production, but also involves projects to manufacture plasters machines and other machinery in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Today, the offer has been expanded further including a production of packaging lines, based on the customer needs, following the philosophy “customized for you”

In RCA Bignami work 25 people involved in design, production, administration and marketing. Not to mention their reliable specialized suppliers network that represent part of the chain for certain production stages. This solid organizational structure allows flexibility and prompt actions that big companies often cannot guarantee. This allows an smooth and accurate customers support and follow ups, going into details in every single problem and maintaining a firm motivated team work. Last but not least, there is a significant influence in the cost, representing a substantial differences in quality/price, making a difficult to beat from east to west.

Rotary dies and machinery, cutting and confectioning systems for plasters production: this is the RCA Bignami expertise and core business. Rca Bignami’ production lines, is ramified into a variety for rotary cutting applications using cutting station for the medical and pharmaceutical sector, (diapers, compress, make up disk, etc.). last but not least, there are other machine that are involve, like slitter & rewinder lines, and finally special machines that required a sophisticated customization. In this way RCA Bignami is able to support its customers in every production phases.

Rca Bignami has a great number prestigious customers locally and overseas that in these years has found a firm trust and comfort to dedicate their production problems, solving them with a high level of accuracy, obtaining as results their loyalty an faith.

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